TEC Supports Outreach Efforts for Youth Sciences

heardmuseumThe Heard Museum received a gift of $5,000 from the Texas Energy Council, a non-profit  association of professional energy organizations around North Texas and the state to support  “Rock Your Classroom” at The Heard Museum in Collin County.  “Rock Your Classroom” is a series of programs designed to augment classroom efforts in the fields of earth sciences.  Programs are available at The Heard Museum and are designed for elementary, middle and high school level classes.

“The Texas Energy Council has a long history of giving our local students the opportunity to pursue higher education.  We thought that this was a great opportunity to impact our local students in the K-12 years,” said TEC President Jason Schumacher, a partner at Dentons US LLP.

About The Heard Museum:

Since 1967, the Heard Museum in McKinney, TX successfully offered several science outreach programs (mostly biology based) for students mainly in grades K-8, which was very successful.  The outreach programs provided instructors who would go out to the schools with the materials and supplies, as well as in-house classes.  In 1993, I (Heard Museum Adjunct Curator of Earth Science at that time) expanded the outreach program to include Earth Science.  That specific program also was successful, seeing approximately 4200 students/year by 2000.