TEKS K-12 Initiative

Michael Cooper and Robert Unger serve as Co-Chairs of the Texas Energy Council’s K-12 Education Committee. The emphasis in 2020 was the once-in-ten-year revision to Texas’ K-12 Science TEKS.

The earth sciences and the oil/gas energy industry in particular, have suffered significant degradation in the K-12 curriculum over time. TEC committed to participate in the State Board of Education (SBOE) TEKS revision process. Their process appoints workgroups of qualified volunteers, intended to represent a diverse cross-section of the 15 SBOE districts as well a stakeholders including educators and industry. 

TEC recruited 17 volunteers who shared its vision of ensuring that oil/gas is portrayed in a balanced fashion as a critical contribution to the Texas, US and worldwide energy mix. These applicants represented six different SBOE districts, included science educators and industry professionals; geoscientists, engineers, energy leaders, university professors, attorneys, museum directors.

The SBOE has to date engaged three workgroups meeting three days per week, several hours each meeting for several weeks.

TEC received support from the TRRC , Texas Natural Gas Foundation and TXOGA in its efforts to improve the K-12 Science TEKS curriculum.

An explanation of the process and the conclusions of each workgroup are posted on the SBOE site; https://tea.texas.gov/academics/curriculum-standards/teks-review/science-teks-review .The final SBOE recommendations will be issued for public comment in September 2020.

SBOE Members are elected officials and can be found at; https://tea.texas.gov/about-tea/leadership/state-board-of-education/sboe-board-members/sboe-members .The Texas Energy Council encourages any of its 35 State-wide affiliate associations and any industry professional to express your opinion, during the public review period, to your District Member. 

After conclusion of this initiative, TEC will leverage the valuable relationships gained, to pursue future Texas K-12 programs to further the mission of a Balanced Portrayal of the Oil/Gas Industry as a vital portion of the Texas, US and worldwide energy mix.

Any specific questions should be directed to Michael Cooper, Michael.Cooper@haynesboone.com or Robert Unger, runger1@aol.com .