TEKS K-12 Initiative

Beginning in January of 2020, members of the Texas Energy Council participated in the revision of the Texas’ K-12 Science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). This revision process occurs only once every eight to ten years for science and becomes the required learning standard for Texas’s students.

The earth sciences and the energy industry in particular, have suffered significant degradation in the K-12 curriculum over time. TEC committed to participating in the State Board of Education (SBOE) TEKS revision process in order to ensure that the energy industry is portrayed in a balanced fashion and as a critical contribution to Texas, the US and worldwide. TEC applicants for the revision work groups represented six different SBOE districts and included science educators and industry professionals, geoscientists, engineers, energy leaders, university professors, attorneys, and museum directors. Three of our applicants were chosen to participate and serve on the revision workgroups. 

During the revision process, TEC received written support from the TRRC , Texas Natural Gas Foundation, National Association of Royalty Owners in Texas (NARO), the General Land Office Commissioner, and TXOGA in its efforts to improve the K-12 Science TEKS standards.

An explanation of the process and the conclusions of each workgroup, as well as the updated TEKS, are posted on the SBOE site; https://tea.texas.gov/academics/curriculum-standards/teks-review/science-teks-review.

SBOE Members are elected officials and can be found at; https://tea.texas.gov/about-tea/leadership/state-board-of-education/sboe-board-members/sboe-members.

The Texas Energy Council encourages any of its 35 State-wide affiliate associations and any industry professional to remain engaged in the development of curriculum standards and developing relationships with your District Member.

After conclusion of this initiative, TEC continues to foster the valuable relationships gained, to pursue future Texas K-12 programs to further the objective of a balanced portrayal of all contributors to the energy industry as a model the Texas, US and worldwide energy mix.

Specific questions should be directed to Bill Moulton, wjmoulton@oilandgashunter.com.