Oct. 13 Lunch ‘n Learn

Oct. 13 Lunch ‘n Learn: Community Consensus for Oil & Gas Operations Globally – More than a Social License to Operate

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In a world with a growing need for energy, there is wide acceptance that access to energy improves the quality of people’s lives and enables the economic prosperity and growth of countries. At a local level, particularly in areas with proximity to energy exploration and production, this acceptance is neither automatic nor unconditional.
In this Lunch’n Learn presentation, Mr. Darcy Spady, Managing Director of Broadview Asset Management and 2018 Society of Petroleum Engineers President, will address the importance of getting community acceptance and “buy-in” for local oil and gas operations and projects.
Although most predictions and energy outlooks agree that oil and gas will remain the key sources of energy for many decades to come, support for oil and gas activities in our communities is not a given. How can we achieve community consensus as an industry or as individual companies? What are the differences between community consensus and a Social Licence to operate?
Mr. Spady will address these issues, including case studies and examples of how this can be done. Darcy Spady will also address the implications for the industry moving forward in this new reality.

2018 SPE President Darcy Spady, is the Managing Director of Broadview Energy Asset Management, a subsidiary of a private, independent oil and gas producer in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. He has worked with the Columbia Natural Resources / Triana Energy group in the Northeast USA, Atlantic Canada and internationally; as well as a decade for Schlumberger across North America in their wireline and pressure pumping segments. He has also served as CEO of Contact Exploration in Canada and Hungary and more recently as head of sales for Sanjel Corporation.

Spady currently serves on the SPE International Board as Regional Director for Canada and is a member of both the Calgary and the newly formed Vancouver sections. He has held officer positions in the Calgary, Illinois Basin, and Appalachian sections.

Spady holds a BSc. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Venue: Dallas Regional Chamber, 500 North Akard Street, Suite 2600, Dallas, Texas 75201
Time: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
There is no charge for attendance.

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