Geology Outreach

The Texas Energy Council is proud to announce it’s education initiative, supporting the work of Diane Brownlee. Diane is a Colorado School of Mines graduate, and a registered Professional Geoscientist in Texas (geophysics/geology). She began her career at the USGS Earthquake center, then worked in the oil industry for over 20 years as both an employee of a major oil company and a consultant; and has experience with using satellite data (remote sensing) and GIS data/software.

When Diane served as Adjunct Curator of Earth Science at the Heard Museum in the 90’s, she became interested in outreach to K-12 teachers and students. She wrote the original Earth Science Outreach materials, some of which are still in use. In 2001, at Brookhaven College, she became the Director of the Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute, which provided training programs programs for geoscientists.

Ms. Brownlee has initiated many outreach programs and field trips for K-12 teachers during her career, including rig site visits, labs and field experiences at mines, quarries,oil fields, and manufacturing sites*. Currently, she serves as a volunteer docent at the Perot Museum of Natural Science, providing expertise in Minerals and Gems, Dynamic Earth, and the Life Then and Now halls.

If interested in one of her programs please contact Diane Brownlee directly at,

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Check the Texas Energy Calendar for upcoming educational events!

*Sponsors have included professional groups and societies including the Dallas Society of Petroleum Engineers, the Texas Energy Council, the Dallas Geophysical Society, the Texas Mining and Reclamation Association, and the Texas Concrete and Aggregate Association. Diane served as a content expert for several Masters of Science Education programs (UT Dallas, Texas A&M Commerce, the Texas Regional Collaboratives -UTAustin, and UT Arlington). She has also worked extensively with the Master Naturalist programs.