Symposium 2014 Color Guard

Throughout its history, the oil and gas community has been a vital part of our National Security during peacetime and while at war.  It has been said that the East Texas Field alone produced more oil during World War II than did all of Germany.  In addition to supporting our nation through the development and production of vital domestic energy resources, generations of this patriotic community have and/or are currently are serving in our nation’s armed forces.  There are many such individuals; the 2014 TEC Color Guard is comprised of some of the local oil and gas community members who also served our nation in the armed forces during the period from World War II through the Global War on Terror.

Mr. Dick Thompson, P.E.

U.S. Navy
World War II
1944 through June 1946
Electrician’s Mate Second Class (EM2C)
Original crew member aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Massey, DD 778.

While on carrier escort duty in the Pacific, the U.S.S. Massey successfully defended herself against nine Kamikaze attacks in the vicinity of Okinawa. 

University of Texas, Austin
B.S. Petroleum Engineering


Independent O&G Producer & Consultant

Mr. Robert Naas, P.E.

U.S. Army
Korean War and beyond,
1954 through 1967
Enlisted Infantry, obtaining rank of Sergeant.

“Honor Graduate” III Corps NCO Academy.

Later graduated Officer Candidate School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
Commissioned Officer into the Field Artillery, obtained rank of Major.

8th Infantry Division in Germany
Fire Direction Officer ~ Pentomic Division ~ 10th Mountain Division.

Wounded by hostile mortar fire in Cold War incident in Germany. 

University Texas, Austin
B.A. Mathematics
B.S. and M.S. Petroleum Engineering.
SPE, PECD, ADAM, Dallas Geological Society
Independent Petroleum Engineering Consultant

Mr. Allan Hastings, P.E.

U.S. Air Force
1968 through 1972
Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Unit, the 398th MIMS,
David-Mothnan Air Force base, Tucson, Arizona

Responsible for missile launch systems electronics and maintenance. 

University Texas, Austin
B.S. Petroleum Engineering.

Petroleum Engineer / Senior Vice President at Amegy Bank N.A.

Mr.Don Drake

U.S. Army
1996 through 1999
Field Artillery officer in the 3-16th Field Artillery Battalion, Fourth Infantry Division, Fire Support Officer, a Fire Direction Officer, and a Platoon Leader ~ 155mm Paladin self- propelled artillery unit.
Army Parachutist Badge in 1994

As part of a Force XXI unit, Don developed new tactics and techniques for employing modernized artillery pieces.  The units he lead were repeatedly recognized as best of the best and some of his work was forwarded on to the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill Oklahoma.

United States Military Academy
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Southern Methodist University


President, Pathfinder Production Company LLC, an independent O&G production company.

Mr. Bryan Hensley

U.S. Army
Global War on Terror
Iraq & Afghanistan
2002 through 2009
Enlisted soldier, First Infantry Division, Machine gunner and Infantry Team Leader Fallujah, Iraq
Commissioned Officer ~ Captain; Aerial Delivery Platoon Leader & Operations Officer Korngal Valley, Afghanistan,

Machine gunner and infantry team leader, 1st Infantry Division, Big Red One, led door to door combat missions, in Fallujah, Iraq.  later served as an aerial delivery platoon leader and operations officer, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Sky Soldiers, planning and leading resupply convoys and air drops mountains of the Korngal Valley, Eastern Afghanistan 

Texas Tech University

Texas Christian University
M.S. Supply Chain Management ~ Oil &Gas focus (in progress)


Supply Procurement, Hunt Oil Company

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